Using Super with Google Domains

1. Sign in to your Google Domains account

  1. In My Domains section, click Manage on the domain you'd like to use
  2. Click DNS in the left-hand menu bar
  3. Scroll down to Custom Resource Records section

2. Create a new Super site

Click New site +


3. Enter in your domain name from Google Domains and your Public Notion URL


4. Add the following records that are in your Super Console to the Custom Resource Records section in Google Domains.

You can continue and save once the fields are entered in correctly in your Google Domains console.


5. Hit save, and you're done!

Checking DNS may take a few minutes. When you see Live, your Super site is connected and good to go.



Google Domains has a TTL (Time to Live) which you do not need to worry about. Time to Live is how often a copy of the record stored in cache must be updated or discarded. The default is 1 hour.

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