5 reasons to choose Notion as your next CMS


Notion is the Swiss Army knife of software—it can be used for notes, tasks, docs, and plenty more. But why stop there? Notion has all the building blocks needed to create simple, impactful websites. Here are 5 reasons why Notion is an effective CMS for website publishing.

Zero friction

In comparison to other content management systems like Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, or Ghost, Notion is a breath of fresh air. Its simplicity is incomparable to most other tools and editing your website content often feels like taking notes, or dragging & dropping elements around a canvas, rather than editing a live website.

If you prioritize ease of publishing over more advanced customization features, Notion is likely the right CMS for your next website.


Super-powered content

One of the the more powerful features of Notion are databases. In the context of managing content for websites, it's pure magic. Imagine a single content database that powers your entire website, and different pages can sort or filter through different views of that database to display the right content on the right pages. They're powerful enough to create a scalable content system, and simple enough to use with practically no learning curve.

If you're creating a blog with Notion for example, you can create a global content database with all your posts, and use different database properties for things like categories, published/unpublished states, post authors, and more.

Creative constraints

When used correctly, constraints are a huge creativity-multiplier. In many cases, the less options you have to choose from, the more you'll do with what you have. Not only does Notion have most components needed for modern websites, but they're all neatly organized in a component panel and ready for you to start utilizing just by hitting / on your keyboard.

From basic typographic elements like text, headings, and lists, to common media elements like images and video, to more advanced components like galleries and embeds, Notion has all the building blocks needed to create your next full-featured website, not to mention their default block styles, typography, and color scheme all look great right out of the box.


Centralized content

Software now days is extremely fragmented. When a tool like Notion comes along and allows you to simply and effectively replace three or more tools, it's a game changer.

With most other content management systems, content is usually disconnected from publishing, meaning the tool you use to research, plan, and write out your content is different from the tool you use to publish it. With Notion, they're one in the same. Your website lives alongside everything else you already do within Notion.


Powerful automations

The Notion API is an easy way to connect your favorite 3rd-party tools to your Notion pages & databases. You can even use powerful no-code platforms like Zapier to connect to these tools without a single line of code.

  • Populate a Notion database from tools like Google Sheets, Airtable, and more.
  • Send form submissions from apps like Typeform or Tally to Notion
  • Receive Slack notifications for new Notion database items
  • Track your email subscribers within Notion


And plenty more

We could probably go on forever about more reasons to use Notion as a powerful CMS, but here are a few more points to help seal the deal.

  • Don't have your laptop? Edit content from anywhere with Notion's mobile apps.
  • Looking to collaborate on your website? Just invite them to your Notion page.
  • Want to reorder content? Simply drag & drop some blocks around.
  • Need to add an image to your site? Drag or paste it in.
  • Noticed a typo? Quickly rewrite it, and it's live.
  • It's completely free for personal use.

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