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Manage your site with a tool you already know & love

You already use Notion for nearly everything—websites are a natural extension. Notion is a dream CMS.


Automatically optimized for the modern web

Super is built on top of the best web technologies available—making it fast, functional, and SEO-friendly out of the box.


Power up your site with hundreds of 3rd party tools.

Extend your Super site with live chat, analytics, payments, and more. See our guides for a growing list of simple tutorials.

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Create your first site completely free

$12/site/month afterwards.

No credit card required


Why should I pay for Super when free solutions exist?

One of the main reasons why Super is a step ahead of most options is our static site generation, which offers huge improvements to site performance, SEO, and security—all crucial things for all websites. This article digs into it a little. We also have a growing list of useful features—not to mention this issue doesn't happen with Super.

What counts as a 'site'?

1 site = 1 domain (or subdomain), but you can have as many pages within each domain as you'd like.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. Your subscription is month-to-month, so you can cancel your plan anytime.

Can I change Notion's URL slugs for child pages?

Yup. Pretty URLs are created automatically from your page titles, but also can be edited manually in your site settings.

Is Super good for SEO?

Super is super good for SEO. Static sites are preferred by search engines, so your content should be easily crawlable. We'll also generate a sitemap from your pages automatically.

Can I use a subdomain or just a root-level domain?

You can use either or! will work just as great as

Do I have to be on a paid Notion plan to use Super?

Nope, you could use the free plan on Notion with no drawbacks.

Can I customize my website?

You can inject <script> or <style> tags to truly customize your site to your liking. Our best example of this is the site you're currently browsing. This entire website was built using Notion & Super.

How do site analytics work?

We don't offer analytics ourselves, but rather allow you to embed scripts from any 3rd party analytics software you may already be using. We use and love Fathom, but Google Analytics or any alternative should work fine!

What if I have another question?

You can post it in our community space, we usually post an answer within a few minutes (unless we're asleep).

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