Adding a domain with Cloudflare

Adding a domain with Cloudflare

Cloudflare offers many services besides DNS. Some of these can cause your site to not load properly is misconfigured. Here are common problems and solutions for Cloudflare.

Root domain records on Cloudflare

For all domains hosted on Cloudflare, the proxy must be disabled and set to DNS only. You'll also need to use these records instead:


Using Cloudflare proxy

When Cloudflare proxy is on your site may show an error err_too_many_redirects.

This issue occurs when your Cloudflare SSL/TLS configuration is set to "Flexible". This will have Cloudflare send requests to Super over HTTP and in response Super will send data back over HTTPS. To keep all our connections secure you must request Cloudflare to only send requests over HTTPS. To fix this issue, the "SSL/TLS" option in Cloudflare needs to be set to "Full" or "Full (strict)".



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