Move your Notion site from Fruition to Super

If you're currently using Fruition to host your Notion website, this guide is for you. Alongside Super's 99% uptime, we also rebuild your Notion page as a static website, meaning you'll see a significant boost in site performance, SEO capabilities, and security. We'll even keep your site online during Notion outages, since our sites our cached on our own servers. You can see a few more of our features here.

But why move from Fruition? It's likely that you initially chose it because it's free, but free almost always come at a cost—in this case, a lack of support, reoccurring downtime, the ability for anyone to host content on your URL, and breaking changes to your site, including this latest error caused by a recent Notion update:


The good news if you’re reading this, is that you’ve found salvation. It’s easy to move to Super, and you can start for free. Since Fruition uses Cloudflare—which Super plays well with, moving your site over shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

1. Signup to Super

This may be an obvious one, but before switching over you'll need to signup to Super and create a site on your dashboard.


2. Add your custom domain

After creating your site, open your site settings, and visit your domains page. From there you can click on 'Add a custom domain', and enter the domain that's currently tied to your Fruition site. You don't need a custom domain to use Super, but if you want to use one you'll need to upgrade your site first.


3. Set up your DNS

Since your domain is already being pointed to Cloudflare, this part is really easy. All you need to do is visit your DNS page on Cloudflare, remove the DNS records that were added for Fruition to work, and add these records below instead. If using a root domain (, you'll need these two records (replace with your actual domain):


If using a subdomain (, you'll only need this one record (replace subdomain with your actual subdomain):


Important: Cloudflare proxy needs to be off (orange cloud should be grey and set to DNS only)!

4. That's it!

Your site should be live within a couple minutes, but could take a few hours depending on how long things take to propagate. If something isn't working, you can take a deeper look into our docs, contact us through live chat in your dashboard, or post a question in our community portal.

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