Super Builder

A drag-and-drop page builder directly in Notion

Create beautiful landing pages directly in Notion. Drag & drop components, apply custom themes, and get up and running in minutes.



Page Builder

Easily create a landing page using our brand new drag-and-drop builder that works right in Notion!



The Super Builder comes with over 50 pre-made components. We'll be adding more too!



Add your new page to Super and then choose from a range of custom themes to bring it to life.


Our builder comes with over 50 components in a range of categories for you to use to build out a beautiful landing page. All elements on this page are part of the component library.

Components Preview


Once you've built a page with our builder apply a custom theme. These themes are not like our traditional templates, they only style blocks and don't affect layout or limit customizability. Click below to view a preview.

Themes Preview

What is the Super Builder?

An all new drag-and-drop page builder

The Super Builder is a new tool for creating sleek landing pages right in Notion. Simply drag and drop components into place and change the content until you are happy. Then you can save out your page and turn into a live site using Super. What's more you can add personality to your page using one of our new themes.

How much is the Super Builder?


The Super Builder is free to use but in order to get it up and running with a custom theme & domain you'll need a paid Super account ($12/site/month)

Can I change the look and style of my page?

Yep, with custom themes

We are launching the builder with 6 new component-based themes. These aren't like the traditional themes on our marketplace, but simpler and more flexible themes that mean you can use any of Notion's blocks, however you want!


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