Super 2.0 - Build websites with the simplicity of Notion ⚡️ | Product Hunt


  1. Create a notion page or use an existing one
  2. connect super to page and setup dns
  3. enjoy fast and powerful site

How it works

Get a Notion link

Connect to Super

Manage in Notion


Pretty Urls

Turn your long notion slugs into shorter human readable URLS.

Automatic SSL

Super automatically generates an SSL certificate for your site.

Custom Fonts

Customize the look of your site with a font.


Upload your own favicon.

Custom Code

Add code for 3rd party integration and to change the look and feel of your site


All static sites are optimized out of the box to give your visitors a lighting fast experience

Sync with Notion

Super sites stay in sync with Notion

Super Properties

Enhance database capabilities with special properties